Hi Stik people-

After nearly 10 years online, we've recently taken Stik.com offline.

When we created Stik in 2010, business owners understood intuitively that Facebook & other social media could create word of mouth for their businesses, but very few were realizing the dream.

Over the next few years, tens of thousands of professionals and business owners used Stik's social review tools to collect 2 million reviews and recommendations. At one time, Stik had more Realtor reviews than Zillow. We learned how much reviews and testimonials really mean to small businesses, and developed a number of novel ways to use review content to help businesses connect with new customers and drive growth.

Today, the Stik team is building Waymark, where any business owner can create custom marketing videos in 1 minute flat. It's a beautiful product and we're very proud of it, so please check it out. As a bonus, if you have online reviews, they'll automatically be featured in your video!

Onward and upward,

-the Stik team